This authorizes Rake Shark as an Official Marketing Affiliate of the Sports Legends Challenge (SLC) entered into on this _29__day of_June, 2009 through 17 September 2009.



SLC has developed a four-day special event (“the Event”), including poker, blackjack, slots and golf tournaments, to be held from September 14 – 17th, 2009 at Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas and live appearances by up to twenty-five highly-recognized Sports Figures.  The Event also includes participation by up to twenty-five top Poker Pros. The Event will give participants unique opportunities to interact with the Sports Legends and Poker Pros through various casino games (poker, blackjack, slots) and golf, as well as special events that will include parties, receptions, Q&A sessions, etc.


The Affiliate has agreed to associate with the Event as a means of marketing to its current and prospective customers.

Affiliate's Benefits

1.      Affiliate is designated as an “Official Marketing Affiliate of the Sports Legends Challenge” on a non-exclusive basis.

2.      SLC will provide the Affiliate with the following marketing materials to help the Affiliate communicate to its customer base:

·         Preapproved materials featuring the SLC name and logo and or the names and likenesses of the Sports Legends for use in promoting activities related to the SLC. The Affiliate agrees not to modify any of the provided materials.

·         Preapproved artwork and approved copy that can be used for electronic and print communication.  Affiliate is granted the right to communicate its relationship as an Official Marketing Affiliate of the SLC, in all forms of media; however, for materials that the Affiliate creates which incorporate the SLC name/ trademark and/or the names/likenesses of the Sports Legends, the Affiliate must submit those materials in advance for SLC approval. 



3.       Affiliate is authorized to hold contests, sweepstakes, etc. as part of its efforts, and Affiliate agrees to submit those materials in advance for SLC approval. 

4.      At the Affiliate’s discretion, SLC will feature the Affiliate on its custom website on a non-exclusive basis. 


Affiliate's ParticipationAffiliate will implement a marketing effort, to be developed by the Affiliate promoting its business objectives by incorporating the SLC. These efforts may target both individual consumers (general market and VIP) and corporate customers.  The Affiliate will notify SLC in advance of all such marketing efforts which include the SLC.

1.      Affiliate’s efforts may include activities such as:

-        SLC-specific email blasts to its database of general market consumers and VIP customers.

-        Inclusion in periodic communications to its database, such as, newsletters, e-letters or other communications (digital and/or print), for both individual customers and corporate clientele.

2.      Feature placement, banner ads and/or links on the Affiliate’s website. 

3.      Affiliate will allow SLC to use the Affiliate’s name and marks in its publicity, marketing, advertising and promotional efforts, with the Affiliate’s approval.

Intellectual PropertyNeither the SLC nor the Affiliate will obtain any ownership of the trademarks and intellectual property of the other party.  This includes names and likeness of the Sports Legends.

Compensation – Entrant Sales

Should the Affiliate engage a customer(s) to purchase an Event entry(s), SLC will pay to the Affiliate a commission of $1,000 for each seat sold.  The sale will be channeled and finalized through SLC in coordination with the Affiliate.


Accepted and Agreed:


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