Getting right Poker Technology

Nobody wants to lose users before they become valuable customers due to firewall issues or lack of required plug-ins. Before launching any kind of online casino portal, compiled your system with...

  • The user must not be bothered with additional technology.
  • Java or Flash? Wrong question. System should support both technologies: the user sees the version their PC supports best and is not confronted with system requirements list or installation guidelines
  • Speaking of seamless integration, wallet integration is a hot topic. A so-called 'in between wallet' is a good solution for testing or introduction, but in the long run, a deep-wallet integration is needed for getting the best conversation rates.
High conversion rates can only be achieved by developing game concepts that match user interest and technology that mini mises complexity.

Anti-piracy measures could be online games developer’s saving grace

View the world’s present situation this way: technology advancing, internet too accessible, global economic crisis, brilliant minds developing online games, high software development costs, other brilliant minds hacking, and, the strong urge to play online games. It’s when these scenarios swarm over the society that piracy takes advantage.

Since the word “internet” existed, file sharing has been rampant to most online gaming enthusiasts. File sharing has been made easy among gamers and hackers alike. Hackers purchase the original software, cracks the product, and in a second, his sole copy of the original software would easily be duplicated. Some pirate online games for a living. They sell the pirated software in a cheaper price. What they’re doing is a little tease game – they know people would prefer buying the software that is cheaper no matter how “unoriginal” it is. Some pirate online gaming software just because they can and they like to. They don’t find it that necessary to sell the pirated software for a certain amount. Sharing the software through a peer-to-peer file sharing site or software is plainly their goal.

It would be an understatement to say that piracy is taking over online gaming, as a matter of fact; it has been killing industries that invest on intellectual property rights. But recently, various anti-piracy measures have been made and publicized by many online game developers. The use of a copy protection system and source codes has been suggested. Note that source codes shouldn’t be shared or easily be given away. In the case of online games with demo versions, the demo and full version should be separated and possibly have an online registration for both versions. And since the world is on crisis, it is suggested that online gaming companies sell their software in a cheaper price, if they can’t afford to just give away.