Online Poker at it's Peak-II

Couple the social reason for friends playing poker with the strategy of how to play well. How to read people, and ultimately, how to make the right decision - to call, raise or fold. Poker is definitely a game of decision. The main one being, is the other guy bluffing or not? In real life poker, you not only have the cards and the bets to make your decision, but you have a lot of additional information at your disposal. Body language. Tell. Moods. Action. table image. Etc. All of this stuff, on its own, can be confusing.. but to a player who's experienced at non-verbal communication, it can all be useful in determining if someone is bluffing or has a genuine hand. We've heard it many times before, but in real life poker, you "play the player, not the cards".

So what happened to online poker? They took out the body lanuage. The moods. The tells. Much of the goading and chat went too. They took out almost every muance of the game that made it interesting. They left in just the cards, and the bets. Why? Because they could. No one knew that online poker could do that other stuff, Because the techonolgy eluded them. They focussed on the nub of the game but left out the social stuff? The fun stuff? The finess? and the strategy??

So, how can techonolgy help us out?

I come from the videogame industry. I've been making 3d comuter games for 24 years. My first one was made when I was 16 years old. We're used to making things fun, and we're used to making things appeal to millions of players. Many of the games I have been involved with have sold millions of copies. Some have even sold a millions copies on the first day! We're also used to working to tight deadlines, and creating new technology to solve big problems.
Poker was itching for some new technology. Every single poker room that's available today is still in the "dark ages" likened to 20 years ago's computer game. 2d games, with static background, and lifeless artificial people, playing games that have just "numbers" and "icons"(In cards). Despite such a "basic" product the poker companies are literally "ranking it in" through aggressiv marketing. However one day soon, someone will have a better product, and comparable marketing.
How do we get the tens of millions of people who play poker with thier friends to stra playing poker online? We make it more fun, and more realistic.

Solution is Make the game in 3D, so that it can be realistically depicted - like people are used to seeing on TV or more like they are enjoying at their friends' houses. Allow different environments so that people can choose whether to play on a cruise-ship, a casino, a basement bar, or anywhere they please. Variety is the spice of life.