Gaming Operation : Near Future

What does the future hold for operations in Europe?
In the classic 1970's car chase movie 'The Driver', the hardnosed cop played by Bruce Dern is constantly trying to catch out the elusive getway driver played by Ryan O'neal. At one point during one of their many suberbly written verbal exchange, the cop summarises his views on the press. "I always read the newspaper backwards," he says, "starting with the sports pages. That's where the truth is, what happened and how it happened, nothing more.'
It is a work of fiction, but he may be correct. However, it is always intersting to speculate and exchange opinions. As internation gaming and amusement exhibition, the combined ICE and ATEI, we are bombarded with hard facts. New products and what is happening in our professional world right now. But where is it all leading us? By way of something of an antidote to what feels like n unstoppable flow of hard news information, we thought it would be interesting to engage in a little speculation. We can all see What is going on today, but what do some of our so-called 'Blue Sky' thinkers belive might be happening tomorrow? Or even the day after tomorrow...?

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